The University of Blantyre Synod is a private institution of higher learning with a special responsibility of providing instruction in higher education for advancing knowledge through scholarship and research, and for providing related services to the community.

The Faculty has sixteen modules to be covered by student of which ten are the core modules and four are electives. Students are required to take 5 core modules and 2 electives per semester. These modules include those dealing the ethics, history, theological trends, contemporary issues, religious issues, health issues and development issues. The Faculty of Theology will strive to offer quality and excellent education through its modules providing the basis of moral education both for academic ends and professional careers and training for sustainable development through the advancement of education, training, research, consultancy and outreach programmes.

The Masters Programme is a full time course work which runs for two years: One year of class-work and the second year of thesis writing and defense. The students in the faculty will be mentored to become aware of the need to be relevant in their community or place of service through their various professions and careers. The faculty therefore has programmes and modules that provide opportunities for students to interact with the local communities to establish projects that address prevailing problems.